How do I show a swipe from one layout to another?

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  • I know how to swipe (on an Android Nexus 7) to move from one layout to another (thanks to jagoman: ), but how do you 'show' the transition? At the moment it just flicks between the layouts. Is there any way as one layout slides to the left the next layout slides into view?

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  • Maybe if you have a screenshot of the next layout sliding in before the layout change (as a placeholder)..? I know that's not the most efficient way and it's far from an ideal solution, but it will roughly do the trick.

  • I've been thinking on something like this for an app I'm making... which I probably have to re-build from scratch...

    A possible solution would be to make a camera and transition from one zone to the other giving the "effect" of sliding...coordinated with the swipe event it should look pretty nifty.

    Check this camera example

    I'm planning on using just that.

  • Here's my example ... it doesn't get you from one layout to the other but it slides you in the same layout trough different areas... I'm not sure if its any help to you but it works fine for what I'm making and who knows maybe you get a few ideas out of it.

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