How do I - shoot up when going down

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  • I'm making a spaceship shooter game. Much in the same way I did with Freefall Bird ... I replaced the blocks with planets and cool effects that come from above and the player just flies up... however the issue I'm having is with the bulits the ship shoots. They are not going up no matter how much speed I put on them. in fact they basically pop up and vanish... this leads me to believe they are created and left behind as the player "falls up".

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  • Anybudy... I didn't think this would be a stomper...

  • I believe the fact that you used a third party plugin is what is stumping others. For my part, I went ahead and downloaded rexrainbow's rotate plugin. Try removing such plugin next time before you ask for help, it might speed up the process a bit.

    For your problem, there's two reasons why your bullets are falling behind. First, the "Destroy outside layout" is inappropriate for this situation, since you are rapidly exiting the layout, that's why the bullets disappear after a while and seem to stop spawning. Second, the reason why the bullets seem stationnary is because they are actually travelling at the same speed as the ship ! Try adding some speed to the bullet behavior and it should work ok.

  • Magistross Thanx ... I actually didn't remember I had that plugin up in there(must have picked the wrong spinner behavior). You just solved my issue. I also used the box outside (marker) to destroy the lazers on collision so we don't have a million lazers traveling around. I updated the example so people who want to make a simple space shooter can get the finished template at the store here.

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