How to set 30 fps for entire project?

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  • Hi all, according to

    I would like to know it's possible to set 30 fps for entire game, there will be no 40, 50, 60 fps. Just keep 30 fps as maximum, to make sure the same speed on all devices and browsers. (I know it's a silly, but it's an experiment)


  • I think you may have misunderstood the article. That will not help the game run at the same speed. Use the features described in the article and it will run at the same speed regardless of whether it's 15 fps, 30 fps or 60 fps.

  • I think what he meant is, if he can set the maximum to 30, so a low performance device will have a similar fps to a high performance device

  • hmm i think ashley mean if you made maximum 30fps the weak devices will have lower like 10-15 and the good one will have 30fps so why don't you make it 60fps for the good one and 30 for the weak .. the ratio doesn't change!

  • youd have to make your own dt var and cap it at 30 fps based on the actual dt.

    You might be to do it with timescale and set that to whatever ratio the real fps is to the target fps you want

  • Thank you for the responses.

    I guess aridale explained about timescale, i believe it can simulate on good computers, then we don 't use timescale on devices.

  • There is no good reason to do this! Please don't do it!

    Why do you want the same framerate on all devices? If a desktop device can provide a better experience, you should let it!

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  • There is no good reason to do this! Please don't do it!

    Why do you want the same framerate on all devices? If a desktop device can provide a better experience, you should let it!

    Well, someone said me to do this, i know it's a silly idea and there no reason to contradict it. ??

    I always agree with you about the experiences.

  • instead of doing what your friend said ,tell him what you really should do ^^

  • the main advantage would be so everything runs at the same speed regardless of device... which is the entire point of delta time. If you use dt in all your calculations everything will run the same regardless of framerate.

    It can be done but like ashley said theres no point since you can use dt instead of fps throttling

  • It would be useful to set the FPS to an arbitrary amount for testing purposes. At the moment I am trying to figure out a slow computer issue and the only way I can test my solution is to run it on a crappy computer, which is taking way too much time. Much easier if I could limit FPS on my development computer.

  • There could be some visual advantages with limiting your game to 24fps. Mainly for cut-scenes.

  • Well , you could set the global timescale to fit the fps rate you are getting , fps = 30 , ts = 2 , fps = 60 , ts = 1 , etc.

    That would also make it so bad devices run as well as good ones

    Never tested it , tho ...

  • If you want to reduce the frame rate for testing purposes, just add an event with a loop that checks for collisions thousands of times each tick. You can adjust the number of checks to get the framerate you want. This shouldn't be used to try to limit the framerate for how people will play the game though, as in addition to being wasteful it probably won't work for trying to get a solid number of fps even if you try to dynamically set the number of loops based upon the fps, but it should work for testing just fine.

  • Arima - I could try that.

    I thought wait 0.2 seconds would do the trick but it doesn't quite work as I expected, it is not a sleep function

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