How to set 30 fps for entire project?

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  • Sorry to bring this thread back up, but I have a question.

    I'm currently working on something using the canvas plugin, and when more than 50 sprites are added to the layout, my fps suddenly begin to fluxuate from 60 down to 30, and back up again, going back and forth. This is very noticeable when moving around.

    However, if my fps was at a constant 30, I feel you wouldn't be able to notice any slow down. Does this make sense?

    Ashley said there's no reason to limit fps. Does my situation give it a reason?

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  • AnD4D

    I totally understand. Your reason has been brought up handful times. There have been people post developers comments on the PS3 running 30fps, reasons why to run 30fps, but Ashley hasn't budged.

    Your best bet is to use rojohounds canvas and new gl canvas. run your game on an invisible layer. every 30fps time increment draw EVERYTHING onto the canvas and then display. You should then get a reasonable effective 30fps.

  • but it would be good to be able to limit the framerate, because over 60 fps, a friend of mine can not play my game he can not jump high enougn, and I well used dt for all XY moves. is there a way to do it ?

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