How do I set a collision based on the animation frame

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  • Hi, I am trying to make a collision based on the animation frame. What I have right now is a button that disables an object to collide when it changes animation.

    The button changes the animation and at the same time disables the Object that would collide with the player. I want to make it so when you tap the screen it makes the same things happen and not have a button for it. Note is I have 2 animations and I want to make it so certain objects can destroy the player when he is in frame 0 but not 1 , and a different object destroy the player at frame 1 but cant at frame 0.

    How can I implant this with touch

  • just need to add another condition so for example.

    --If animation "YourAnimation" isPlaying

    --If animation frame = "The frame you wanna use"

    and for setting up the animation you need to say

    -- On Tap

    Play animation "Your animation"

  • once the player changes an animation it does not change back. I want to make it so on tap sets animation to "1" and when I tap a second time it should set animation to "0" and vice versa

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  • thanks uyu34! this helped with my current project.

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