Set button unfocused not working on Edge and IE ?

  • Hi all,

    I have a linguistic experiment I created in Construct 2 and hosted here:

    It's about choosing 1 of 4 ways to abbreviate loanwords in Japanese. So I have one button for each abbreviation strategy. After each answer given. The buttons' positions are randomized. I don't want the focus to stay on the clicked button, otherwise, when starting a new question, the same button, even if it moved, will be highlitghted. This can have an influence on people's answers. So I want to avoid that.

    Of course, I simply added an event like "when 'button' is clicked, set 'button' unfocused". And it works perfectly fine on all browsers but IE and Edge...

    As long as the mouse doesn't move, the focus will stay on the button.

    The event sheet for this part looks like that (I disabled everything that is irrelevant to the answer buttons'behaviors):

    Anybody has an idea why IE and Edge work differently than the rest ?

  • Try adding "Wait 0" before the unfocus action.

    Button is a DOM element, they work differently in different browsers. If you want consistency, make your own button with a sprite or 9-patch object.

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  • Unfortunately, adding "wait 0" did not change a thing. But thanks for trying.

    I'll consider making my own buttons.

    Thanks again.

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