How do I select one of my 2 webcans

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  • Morning.

    If I have two cameras connected, is there any way to create a menu where the user can choose which of the two cameras he wants to use?

    In my case, it always takes the camera of the notebook as standard, but I would like to be able to choose between the notebook or the USB camera connected

    With "Request camera source [0]", any number I put continues to use that of the notebook

  • I don't necessarily have experience with UserMedia, but whatever, here we go.

    Basically, have 2 UserMedia objects, a button, and a mouse function.

    Dumbed down version of event sheet:

    (pretty simple, right?)

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  • Thanks for the help but it still does not solve my problem

    I need to be able to choose between the USB camera or the camera of the notebook. Even though I put a MediaUser for each camera it only recognizes the one that is configured in the browser

    Is there any way I can recognize the two cameras and choose which one I want to see on a menu or something?

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