How do I scroll a layer with sprite objects vertically

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  • Hello: I am fairly new to construct2. Issue scrolling layer(s) vertically populated with sprites [objects] on a tiled background. Basically a map. If you know river raid by Atari; retro game 80's. Same principal here with sprites. I have a tiled background; sprites set on it. In short my first startup screen [map] . What happens: Layer scrolls on it's own setup [ok]; but the sprites do NOT move with layer. Do I need to use tiledmap program to create each .TMX file [map] I want in game? and import them to construct2? What a task if I do. I know anything good never comes easy.. Thanx in advance..

  • Does it scroll infinitely? If so, it is still doable, but you have to jump through more hoops to make it happen nicely.

  • Yo: gumshoe2029; That's really not an answer to the issue. Just a comment. Looking for an "answer" "How to". I know it's a bit of work. Thanks though.. Someone out there has had an issue like this. Layer0 is tiledbackground->ground. Layer1 on top of layer0 will not scroll objects. base layer is yes-> infinite scroll but I am thinking I am going about all this wrong. Mayber joining both layers together to scroll. All I see and read are ranadomly placed ojects on a star background, dirt background and the wrap. with random placement of sprite objects. Tha's simple stuff. I'm looking for the meat and potatoes stuff. Everyone has tiled backgrounds scrolling but not whole maps. and sequential layers for each level. Now that's scrolling a vertical game. Thanks anyway. Looks like I'll just create them in mapeditor "tiled" and import. :/

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  • Well if it were an easy, "This is how you do it." someone else would have answered already. It's not, so I asked clarifying questions to get at exactly what you want so that I can help you rather than sending you down a rabbit hole.

  • gumshoe2029: Figured a way to do it! don't know if it's correct way. but! it WORKS.. That is how I got the sprite objects to scroll vertically with the layout / layer. Just pinned objects used to that layout background object. works for all sequential layouts involved. Thank you for responding and trying to seek an answer. Maybe someone knows a better way. But if not let them do what i did. Then all instances of that pinned sprite object has the behavior! later. Lovin construct 2...Learn the rules make the game..

  • As long as it works, roll with it. I am a big fan of simple and stupid! A lot of our game is very simple and stupid too, so good work.

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