Scroll bar causing keyboard focus problem (example inside)

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  • Hi there,

    I'm doing a class tomorrow night on Construct 2. I did this platformer at their request. Along the way I discovered how cool sliders could be to adjust variables so I wanted to include one to show them how to do it

    the problem i'm running into is that when I click it with a mouse to drag the bar, i can still access the touch controllers but the game stops responding to keyboard inputs..

    this game uses the left and right arrow keys + the space bar for jumping. I just wasn't sure if there is some kind of "set focus" command that I can't find.

    1. run the game

    2. use the keyboard to see that you can move and jump and such

    3. change the gravity bar up top to any value

    4. notice that the keyboard stops responding.

    5. if it does respond try again because I do think I've seen it sometimes not "Catch" the first time.

    disclaimer (i know this capx is sloppy as hell, this is my first pass quick and dirty project, i plan on showing class how to properly organize their stuff in the process)



  • Maybe you could set it disabled then re-enabled again after the value changed? The textbox has a set focus/unfocus action, I'm guessing it hasn't been added yet for the slider bar or doesn't have the functionality.

  • TwinTails I'll give that a try, thanks for the suggestion. yea i feel like maybe it's missing something like that.. maybe even destroy / recreate or something extreme like that might be what's needed..



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  • sliderbar have so many bug i advice to not use it.

    After two years i prefer to made my own plugin if you you want to polish your project

  • egos i'd love to check out that plugin sometime if it's public. regardless, yea thats a good thought... to just roll your own. Just glad to know it's not just me with this particular object.



  • The worst is that this bug depend of the browsers

    I manage this on chrome with a delay and a disable/ enable ....

    this effectively one of the most useful plugin for testing parameter i hope this can be fix rapidely

  • interesting and also informative that the issue is browser dependent.. ugh.. heh.

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