How do I make screen recorder ?

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  • Hi

    I want to record a video (mp4 format) from a little part of my game (for example top half of my game screen) . Then I want , this video save in gallery

    How can I make this project ?

    please send a source , or complete tutorial !

    Sorry about my poor English .

  • In Construct 3 there is a native plugin for that.

    In Construct 2 you can do this with User Media -> Start recording canvas. Although, I don't know if you can record only part of the screen.

    If you need a very short low-framerate video, you can also try to do this with Paster of Canvas addons. Paste objects or layers onto the canvas, then load this image from the canvas into a sprite, as a new frame. Repeat several times.

  • Hi again .

    Thanks for you answer .

    Can you send a source for me ?

    please !

    I read the tutorial link of user media for 1000 times and

    I try to record the screen , but I don't get the desired result .

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  • Here is how you record a 3-seconds video and prompt to save it to disk.

  • Hey, I didn't know that way to record video.

    Why then many users have been asking for the forum about programs to record their games in the browser?

    They said you can't record the game with any program (black screen).

    So I'm surprised that this plugin exists and nobody ever said about this.

  • I have tried the method in my project ... it does not work well:

    -The recording quality is quite low

    -Some parts are not recorded, recording stops and then resumes, in that time the image remains frozen.

    However, in a very small project it works well and the quality is good.

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