Score Sprite Display issues.

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  • I'm using custom 0-9 sprites to display my score currently.

    I have a global variable for my main collectible item, and for the most part it works correctly.

    When the player collides with the item, it adds 1 to the global variable, but only as long as there is only 2 display sprites on the screen. As long as there is only 2 display sprites on the screen, it will add 1 each time with no issues.

    However, the moment I add a 3rd display sprite (as I want the player to be able to earn up to 300) 1 now adds 100, instead of just 1.

    The value for the display sprite currently is:

    int(mid(str(zeropad(MarbleScore, ScoreSpriteMarbles.count)), loopindex, 1))

    Can anyone help me get this figured out?

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