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  • Hi, I've being trying to sort this now for a couple of days but is now driving me mad so I seek help!

    <img src="" border="0" />

    the image above is what I am trying to achieve

    basicaly I always have this border around the screen which houses a few buttons and logo. Within that I have a man! he can travel through the layer left and right which the screen scrolls by keeping the everything inplace. This was easy to achieve but when I come to building an android app, the border scales down which is ok (along with everything else) but the "window size" is now full width which means on the side, the rest of the layer can be seen but over the edge of the specified "window size" (960, 600).

    Is there anyway to display the screen in the same dimentions specified (960, 600), scaled down (which it does) but actualy keep the window width ratio so the "window area" is centralised?



  • Anybody? could really do with the help as I've been through all the tuts and can't find anything.


  • Hmmmmm, If there is no answer within the software itself, I could remove the border and do it in html and css as an overlay... I think.

  • argh no, the buttons are in html5 canvas so wont beable to get the z-indexing right...

  • you can edit your post too ;)

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  • Aww, got really excited then, thought someone had an answer! lol

  • add behavior anchor, set all four corners in the props panel on the left hand side :-)

    p.s. and the "Fullscreen in broser" needs to be scale mode

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