How do I Only scale the width of layouts?

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  • Hi constructors,

    I do my first experience with construct 2. ...

    How do I scale the width of layouts?

    On System Event there is only a scale action for layouts. But I want only scale the width.

  • if you look under the project properties. click "view" and you'll see "Fullscreen in browser". scale inner is good to fill vertically, scale outer is good for making a project fill from left to right.. but scaling things.

    Letterbox scale is the default which enforces the aspect ratio. I don't really know the exact breakdown of each of the other modes, but they should be in the manual.

    Hope that helps.


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  • Thx but this is not exactly what I wanted.

    More Informations:

    I develop a iOS APP, for iPhone. Window Size: 1136,640 (iPhone 5)

    My Layout Size is 6656,640. Now I want a scalebar to zoom in and zoom out.

    So I want to scale the width of layout between 1136 and 6656.

    (1/6656*1136). But only the width.

    Also: I want to set the position at runtime.

  • yea I'm not sure about that. what are you trying to achieve? i read it that you want to basically see a normal 1136x640 view to squeezing in 6656 pixels of information also into the same 1136 view creating a squishing effect?

  • Yes. Only a horizontal (width) zooming and scrolling engine. For example a piano. There you can zoom out to see all keys (the whole layout width is shrinked) Or you zoom in and see 100% size of keys.

  • maybe you need to just dynamically change the graphics themselves.. create the illusion of panning.. if all of the graphics are perhaps modified by a common global var.. then you could shrink/expand/move-left-more-right.

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