Scale Outer view with centering - 16:9 and 4:3

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  • I understand the scale outer and inner pros and cons, and feel scale outer would be better as it provides more view if available on device, not less like inner. However the "more" on the iPad air for example is just a few hundred pixels of at the bottom of the screen if designed at 16:9. and its sort of obviously the game is designed in the top upper 1/3rd of the game then?

    Ideally you want to select scale outer , keep your core game content to the vertical center in designing with the extra view at top and bottom. keeping the game at least appearing to make sense in its positioning on the 4:3 tablet devices.

    Is centering possible to force on scale outer?

    This is a big draw back to C2 as i see it, when developing native you can create views for different devices to adapt, here your stuck.

    Thank you for thoughts.

  • Couldn't you just use system scrollto to scroll to the middle?

    If you set unbounded scrolling to true, this should work.

  • Thanks for the reply.

    But doesnt scrollTO require a pixels value? the center will depend on the screen device size?

    I have made an image to help demonstrate the wish :)

    <img src="" border="0" />

    So in effect you design the core important stuff in the game window size, and the rest of the layout artwork is simply pretty if seen.

  • If you have a layer with 0,0 paralax you could just enter the pixel value of the middle of your game window.

  • With scale outer an easy trick to eliminate the space that is visually wasted is to use larger images for your UI layer that exceeds the screen size. That way even if you have wasted space at least it looks like it is space that is being used. The other option is to add extra info (UI elements) in that area to display more info like high score, etc... I always use scale inner but my games so far have been more platformer style so it hasn't caused me any issues. I don't have things that should not be shown on those particular games.

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  • gingpete

    Is centering possible to force on scale outer?


    set in your layout properties

    Unbounded scrolling to yes.

    that was bothering me last night:


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