Running javascript in browser to return JSON for array

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  • Ashley

    Trying to set up a way to get a Javascript function I add to the page where my construct2 game is to run and return a JSON string which can be used by Construct2 to create an array.

    I have a JSON string built. and I define that array in javascript and I am able to return the JSON using the console and asking for it using something like "window.myJSON();"

    I have been trying to get this JSON into construct2 using:

    ArrayJSON | Load from JSON string BROWSER.ExecJS("window.myJSON();")

    But no luck. Need help with what to do so I can get this JSON from the browser. Any ideas?

    Currently; I export the HTML5 code and then using Notepad++ add the <Script ... into the header of the index.html page and run the game on my server.

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  • JSON from the browser=Browser.QueryParam

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