Running C2 on OSX ?

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  • i already tried xQuartz and Crossover (games) . Failed.

    Any other methods?

  • You could try installing VirtualBox on OSX, you'd need a Windows license but it should work.

  • Or VMWare 6, nice, fast and nicely embedded with the unity mode. I heard of Parallels broken with 163, don't know if still is. Have a good search around, most of the questions are already answered.

  • i got it running with WINE now but it still throws me tons of errors and the layout is not displayed correctly ..

    guess ill wait for scirra to publich a stable OSX version ^^

  • I strongly recommend the use of Wineskin on OSX:

    You just need to tell where the "EXE" is and it does all the hard work, and you can customize all the settings and make the app look like a real OSX application.

    I have not tested with C2 yet, but someone here could create an OSX version of C2 with Wineskin.

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  • I got it running with bootcamp. Works pretty fine.... but still hoping that one day far far far........far away, Scirra will have mercy and release a real OS version.

  • Yea I don't think we'll see an OSX build any time soon.

    Bootcamp is good and Parallels works great for me (as of r184). For awhile I used it in XP, but I think that XP and the latest versions of C2 are finally not playing nice together. In the past ther were some audio issues, but anyway I would just not suggest XP / C2 anymore if you want to avoid any headaches..

    So I run it with Windows8 via Parallels and it's great on my i7 2011 Macbook Pro

    Keyo I'm trying that wineskin solution because while parallels is ok, it's still not really native and wineskin might be a little closer to Native. However I'm not sure how it works and it's especially strange because I don't know how wineskin would know to look at a "my documents" folder to find the C2 license. Any way a tutorial could be made or some post on step by step how you do it for C2? That would be awesome.

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