How do I run two (or more) dependent actions ?

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  • Hello guys,

    I have set my layout eventsheet to move some object from A to B. Then it waits for 2 seconds and then it starts moving again until it's offscreen. (I'm using MOVETO plugin).

    The sheets is something like this

    SYSTEM | ON START OF LAYOUT | object_text | MoveTo move to (...middle of the screen)

    __________________________________| System | Wait 2 seconds

    __________________________________| object_text | MoveTo move to (... out of layout)

    I need to get a rectangle behind the object_text to increase it's opacity until the object_text as stooped then after those 2 seconds its starts decreasing the opacity again setting up to zero when the object_text is off screen.

    I'm new to Construct so please bare with me on this. I guess it must be a simple thing but all info in the forum searches I made didn't helped me.

    Thank you very much for your understanding and help !

    Best Regards.

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  • There are so many ways to set something like this up, I'm not sure which way to choose to explain..

    I guess I would opt for using litetween instead of moveto, for you could use the same tween-time for both objects..

  • Thanks LittleStain ! You helped me !

    Best Regards !

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