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  • I have created a sprite that i want to rotate. Now i have asked this question in a previous post and got some great help from the replies. However it wasn't exactly what i was looking for. The rotation of the sprite should show the different frames so to speak (see picture attached) between each 90 degree and.

    The idea is that the sprite is a square. Each side of the square works differently during the game. And when you click a button the square will rotate 90 degrees.

    Link to the previous post mentioning this:

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  • I'm using your image as reference.. let me see if this works for you.

    Check this to see if its near what you're looking for.

  • NOTE : if you need it to be faster you need to adjust the speed and the wait time as well.

    • I updated the file in the link now you can see the effect of the time and the wait time on the animation so theoretically you can speed it up by multiplying base speed by the number you wish it to be faster by (like 2 for twice as fast 3 for 3 times as fast ...) and change the Waittime calculation by the opposite.. .say divide by 2 for half wait time or 3 for 1/3 wait time. That will make it a bit more flexible w/o needing for you to guess how fast it will go and try and match the speed.
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