How do I retrieve information from ParseFE into my game

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  • Hi everyone,

    I'm using the new ParseFE plugin and overall it's going great. I'm working with my partner who's very experienced with parse and javascript. I however am not, but I am experienced with C2. So we're trying to pull information from parse in the form of cloud code..

    this is how we're doing it in the screenshot attached. we're trying to call on the cloud code and store that data somewhere, but I either don't know how to use a dictionary correctly or perhaps my approach in general to grabbing/storing remote data locally is flawed.



  • part12studios Sent you a reply via our support mail.



  • Arne thank you so much! Your reply was really helpful and reassuring

    Roger (the coder) managed to find a way to make it work though with a bit of tweaking. He's going to email you the particulars in case it helps at all. We're working together on a light MMO kind of game so we are going to be using a fair amount of cloud code due to multiplayer stuff..

    although we're still just getting started and exploring how we want to do this.



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  • part12studios Roger was right in that the return value should be stringify'ed for you use case. I have changed this in a bug fix that will be released shortly.

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