How do I make a replay system

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  • so I'm just toying around with an idea for a platformer, in which the player must go through a level in a time limit, and then on a second try through, do it with some debuff like reversed controls, and they must complete the level not only with a similar time to their previous run, but with similar movements as the last one, like an intense game of horse or pig. I'm trying to think of a system that will record their first playthrough, and then show it back while also recording the second playthrough, and then compare the two to get the score.

    I'm thinking it goes something like "every x timespan, record player x, player y" and put that on a sheet of information, somehow, but then I'd have to figure out how to turn that data into a physical replica for the player to attempt to keep pace to.

    the math bit doesn't sound as hard, just take the bits of info from every tick, and trig something together to check their distance from each other for each correlated tick, it's just storing and retrieving the info in an ordered manner that's got me a bit confused.

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  • oh, thanks!

    I probably should have searched more thoroughly before posting

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