Recipe for Crosswalk / new IntelXDK and iOS?

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  • Hello guys!

    I am in real trouble trying to publish my game for iOS. Does anybody have any "recipe" to publish them with Crosswalk and the new IntelXDK?

    Thank you!!

  • Crosswalk and iOS? I thought crosswalk is only for android. But if you choose iOS in Cordova 3.X Mobile App Platforms section, you need to export your project from construct as a phonegap app, then open it in xdk and follow the steps.

  • Hi Sisyphus! I have to re-check then lol =)

    I will try that and let you know! Thanks!

  • henriquesv y not ejecta? i tried ejecta and works wonderfully for me. In case you don't have an apple developer license (which you will be needing to get the .ipa file for iPhone's and other iStuff) you can PM me and i'll give you another way. As for crosswalk, tell me if Sisyphus method works.

  • Sisyphus , it is not working with IntelXDK. I end up getting errors such as this:

    The build failed. An error occurred while building the application. Verify your build assets are correct and try again.

    Build Log:

    Building a Cordova 3.3 application.

    The application name is "Colors Corner"

    The package name is ""

    Will use the provisioning profile for "adhoc"

    Plugin "Device" (org.apache.cordova.device) installed.

    Plugin "SplashScreen" (org.apache.cordova.splashscreen) installed.

    Plugin "Cranberrygame" installed.

    Targeting iOS version 5.

    Copied Icon-120.png (120x120) image file to icon-60okz@2x

    Copied Icon-60.png (60x60) image file to icon-60

    Copied Icon-152.png (152x152) image file to icon-76okz@2

    Copied Icon-76.png (76x76) image file to icon-76

    Copied splash_1024.png (748x1024) splash screen to Default-Landscape~ipad

    Copied splash_2048.png (1496x2048) splash screen to Default-Landscapeokz@2x~ipad

    Warning: No splash screen supplied for 320x480. Using the default.

    Warning: No splash screen supplied for 640x1136. Using the default.

    Warning: No splash screen supplied for 1536x2008. Using the default.

    Warning: No splash screen supplied for 640x960. Using the default.

    Warning: No splash screen supplied for 768x1004. Using the default.

    An unexpected error occured while attempting to build the application.


    I will try Ejecta now...

  • ashwin2000 I have just tried Ejecta... but the Ad Mob Plugin Cranberry game isn't compatible with it ( =(

    Only Crosswalk and Phonegap.

  • henriquesv wasn't there a cranberrygame plugin for ejecta monetisation too?

    And doesn't phonegap support iOS exports?

  • iOS export works for me on Intel XDK, using the exact same files as the "Android" export from C2, so you're probably just missing something.

    Does building for Android Crosswalk work? Does the emulator work? Have you configured your project settings (version code, App ID, etc.)? Have you imported all the necessary icons? Have you imported your ad hoc and/or production provisioning files?

  • ashwin2000 I didn't find any traces of it with Ejecta's ( I will try phonegap's own building system.

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  • iOS export works for me on Intel XDK, using the exact same files as the "Android" export from C2, so you're probably just missing something.

    Does building for Android Crosswalk work? Does the emulator work? Have you configured your project settings (version code, App ID, etc.)? Have you imported all the necessary icons? Have you imported your ad hoc and/or production provisioning files?

    Hi GeometriX !

    • Building for Android Crosswalk works fine.
    • I didn't test with the emulator.
    • For iOS do I have to follow a previous version code of the version already published (I have a first version of the game made on native platform)?
    • App ID is the same as registered at itunesconnect.
    • All the necessary icons and splashscreens are inside "www" folder.
    • ad hob and production provisioning files are there.. also inside "www" folder.


    I tried building it with legacy iOS Ad Hoc... and at least it generates the .ipa file ...

  • You will need to update the version code to increment based on the previous version code, but that only comes into effect with Application Loader; it should at least build in Intel XDK regardless of what you put in (and long as something is there).

    Hmm, so everything else should be fine. It's worth asking: are you running the absolute latest version of Intel XDK?

    I'd also suggest that you create a new project file, just for the sake of testing and ruling out possibilities. Maybe something became corrupt along the way.

    Also, just to be clear: you've actually selected the icons, splash screens and provisioning files in the project config, instead of just placing them in the www folder?

  • henriquesv what version of xdk you use? Only latest 1332 supports phonegap build with iOS and Android(not crosswalk).

  • I'm using 1332 version. Exporting to either Android or Phonegap results in the same kind of error while building.

    Yes... icons, splash screens and provisioning files were selected in the project config. I place them inside "www" as the system says they need to be inside the project's folder.

    I also tried to create a project as a blank and importing (intelxdk).

  • henriquesv

    Send me PM including your email, I'll send you Ejecta Admob freely.

    Then admob works on Ejecta




  • Sorry if it takes too much time to reply. The whole process is really is slow as you know... exporting project... building... etc.

    First of all, cranberrygame thanks for sending me the plugin!

    Now I have memory issues... have you guys ever seen it while using Ejecta project?


    Here's the full log:

    2014-09-30 18:25:18.095 Ejecta[6529:60b] Loading Image: loading-logo.png
    2014-09-30 18:25:18.171 Ejecta[6529:60b] Loading Image: images/mainbackground-sheet0.png
    2014-09-30 18:25:18.229 Ejecta[6529:60b] Loading Image: images/logo-sheet0.png
    2014-09-30 18:25:18.232 Ejecta[6529:60b] Loading Image: images/playmainbutton-sheet0.png
    2014-09-30 18:25:18.235 Ejecta[6529:60b] Loading Image: images/sharemainbutton-sheet0.png
    2014-09-30 18:25:18.238 Ejecta[6529:60b] Loading Image: images/sharemainbutton-sheet1.png
    2014-09-30 18:25:18.243 Ejecta[6529:60b] Loading Image: images/level1-sheet0.png
    2014-09-30 18:25:18.245 Ejecta[6529:60b] Loading Image: images/level1-sheet1.png
    2014-09-30 18:25:18.263 Ejecta[6529:60b] Loading Image: images/greentoken-sheet0.png
    2014-09-30 18:25:18.265 Ejecta[6529:60b] Loading Image: images/block-sheet0.png
    2014-09-30 18:25:18.268 Ejecta[6529:60b] Loading Image: images/yellowtoken-sheet0.png
    2014-09-30 18:25:18.269 Ejecta[6529:60b] Loading Image: images/redtoken-sheet0.png
    2014-09-30 18:25:18.271 Ejecta[6529:60b] Loading Image: images/bluetoken-sheet0.png
    2014-09-30 18:25:18.277 Ejecta[6529:60b] Loading Image: images/tilemap.png
    2014-09-30 18:25:18.279 Ejecta[6529:60b] Loading Image: images/group1-sheet0.png
    2014-09-30 18:25:18.313 Ejecta[6529:60b] Loading Image: images/group1hotspot-sheet0.png
    2014-09-30 18:25:18.324 Ejecta[6529:60b] Loading Image: images/sprite-sheet0.png
    2014-09-30 18:25:18.326 Ejecta[6529:60b] Loading Image: images/sprite2-sheet0.png
    2014-09-30 18:25:18.332 Ejecta[6529:60b] Loading Image: images/menuonoff-sheet0.png
    2014-09-30 18:25:18.336 Ejecta[6529:60b] Loading Image: images/menuonoff-sheet1.png
    2014-09-30 18:25:18.348 Ejecta[6529:60b] Loading Image: images/musicbutton-sheet0.png
    2014-09-30 18:25:18.350 Ejecta[6529:60b] Loading Image: images/musicbutton-sheet1.png
    2014-09-30 18:25:18.352 Ejecta[6529:60b] Loading Image: images/soundbutton-sheet0.png
    2014-09-30 18:25:18.354 Ejecta[6529:60b] Loading Image: images/soundbutton-sheet1.png
    2014-09-30 18:25:18.364 Ejecta[6529:60b] Loading Image: images/closebutton-sheet0.png
    2014-09-30 18:25:18.366 Ejecta[6529:60b] Loading Image: images/closebutton-sheet1.png
    2014-09-30 18:25:18.370 Ejecta[6529:60b] Loading Image: images/arrowonoff-sheet0.png
    2014-09-30 18:25:18.375 Ejecta[6529:60b] Loading Image: images/arrowonoff-sheet1.png
    2014-09-30 18:25:18.380 Ejecta[6529:60b] Loading Image: images/arrowbutton-sheet0.png
    2014-09-30 18:25:18.382 Ejecta[6529:60b] Loading Image: images/arrowbutton-sheet1.png
    2014-09-30 18:25:18.386 Ejecta[6529:60b] JS: [Construct 2] Facebook plugin not supported on this platform - the object will not be created
    2014-09-30 18:25:18.392 Ejecta[6529:60b] Loading Image: images/sprite3-sheet0.png
    2014-09-30 18:25:18.395 Ejecta[6529:60b] Loading Image: images/tryagainbutton-sheet0.png
    2014-09-30 18:25:18.397 Ejecta[6529:60b] Loading Image: images/nextbutton-sheet0.png
    2014-09-30 18:25:18.400 Ejecta[6529:60b] Loading Image: images/sprite4-sheet0.png
    2014-09-30 18:25:18.408 Ejecta[6529:60b] Loading Image: images/sprite5-sheet0.png
    2014-09-30 18:25:18.413 Ejecta[6529:60b] Loading Image: images/hero-sheet0.png
    2014-09-30 18:25:18.415 Ejecta[6529:60b] Loading Image: images/level_bullet-sheet0.png
    2014-09-30 18:25:18.417 Ejecta[6529:60b] Loading Image: images/fader-sheet0.png
    2014-09-30 18:25:18.419 Ejecta[6529:60b] Loading Image: images/backgroundscreens-sheet0.png
    2014-09-30 18:25:18.595 Ejecta[6529:60b] Creating ScreenCanvas (WebGL): size: 768x576, style: 768x576
    Ejecta(6529,0xb87000) malloc: *** mach_vm_map(size=251658240) failed (error code=3)
    *** error: can't allocate region
    *** set a breakpoint in malloc_error_break to debug
    2014-09-30 18:25:23.175 Ejecta[6529:60b] Received memory warning.
    2014-09-30 18:25:24.524 Ejecta[6529:60b] Received memory warning.
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