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  • hey everybody, i need some help with an idea that i have, and me being more of the artist type with little programming behind me. i am having a hell of a time trying to figure out how to code things. this is what i want to do.

    im pretty sure all of you have seen the physics sand fall game right? well i have an idea around the basic structure of that.

    i want there to be a menu of all the elements and be able to select which element the mouse is using. for example

    i have a fire sprite. i want this fire sprite to be selectable from a menu, allow the mouse click to create the sprite at the point of the mouse. i want physics and collision, with other elements and i want certain outcomes from certain elements colliding.

    right now i have it so that a sprite can be created with a mouse click, but it can only do one element, so i dont know how to tell it to select another element. im going to have alot of elements, which i know will complicate things, but for right now im just trying to get some of the basics down.

    so i want the mouse to control pretty much everything, i want to be able to create some sort of menu to select different elements, i want the mouse to realize which element is selected. and i want to be able to set up elements to interact with each other.

    ex. when fire and water meet, they create steam.

    if anyone knows more about coding in construct i would greatly appreciate your help.

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  • Hi artistgirlforeve, welcome to the C2 forums :)

    Actually your requirements are pretty straightforward.

    Basically you're looking to create an animated menu.

    Start off by creating the sprites you want.

    Next, use the Mouse Object and find the Condition "On Object Clicked" in combination with the above sprites, then add the actions you want on clicking.

    If you want elements to be picked up, you could use the "Drag and Drop" behaviour.

    To combine objects to create other objects, use the condition "on overlap with", and then spawn a new object while destroying the original two.

    Finally for the animations, trawl around the forums a bit, all the answers should be here. I've seen things like fire effects before, just can't remember exactly where :)

    Good luck!

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