How do I use "IAP Object" with the various stores and more?

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  • Hi there,

    I can't find any current tutorials out there that explain how it works so I'm starting with the official C2 "IAP Object". Looking at the manual they give a simple three step process which simple enough, but then it stops and just goes on to explain the different actions.

    here are the three steps from the manual:

    1. On start of layout, use the Add product ID action to add the product IDs you will be using, e.g. "product1,product2,product3".

    2. After that (still in the 'Start of layout' event), use the Request store listing action. This starts downloading the names and prices of the given products. Some platforms require this information to be available for the IAP features to work.

    3. When On store listing success triggers, the product names and prices are available, and purchases can start being made or checked with the Has product condition.

    So my question is basically this.. "how does the app know where to send the the product id / requests?" There doesn't seem to be any place where some form of URL / IP address or any other authentication occurs. The manual says it supports six different platforms. There must be some place where account info / app id or something is entered so you know what to connect too.

    My immediate goal is to use this generic "IAP Object" to connect with the Ouya store or even the one with CocoonJS since I'm using CocoonJS as a wrapper, but the one IAP tutorial I found and resources out there seem outdated. I don't even see an IAP store under services like some screenshots show. This is the only comprehensive tutorial I've found on this subject but I don't see the same stuff he shows in his tutorial. It's like Ludei removed IAP support.

    look at what he sees in his tutorial

    look at what I see in the same services view

    I would imagine that if Scirra claims you can reach six different markets they would provide some instructions on how to use the object in each of those specific fashions to address the unique steps otherwise how do they even know they stores work? It would seem that while testing things out they would document the process.

    Ultimately IAP are extremely popular right now so maybe I'm just overlooking something very simple, but my research so far has come up very empty handed.

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  • Ok so far, I have answered part of my question. If you're new to cocoonjs, you have to make a "Compile Launcher" app. ... -purchases

    In my case I'm only checking the Ouya. Hopefully this keeps options and such simpler. I'll keep reporting in as things develop. I know I've seen a game on the Ouya that was exported with CocoonJS (not made with C2) that supported IAP so I'm optimistic that this will work.

  • I've also done some further digging and reaching out to Ludei. I realize that my account was a standard account, not premium. I have since applied for premium access and got it. The big thing that I'm curious about now is that they don't list an Ouya market in their options

    also they have a gamepad option which I don't know really means anything. Standard users have gamepad support so maybe it's more of an option to turn it off for games that don't need that code in their projects.

    I'm looking to dig into this deeper in September when a dev from Ouya will have some time to help me explore some other creative options we can come up with for C2 that might bypass the need for CocoonJS or perhaps allow us to simply make direct ajax calls to the store itself somehow.. still early.. but i'm optimistic we will find a solution for this.

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