Quit/Exit Game for node-webkit exe export

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  • Im looking to do a node-webkit export of my game and would like to ad a button for exiting the program. I know there isnt a "exit application" system function. All I've found on the forums is the "quite to splash/title layout" method.. which I'm using for all other exports of the game. Does any know how to do this?

    Thanks in advance.

  • There no way to solve it. You only can close app was cliking "X" icon on top-right from window.

    I told to Scirra to add Oficial Node-Webkit plugin to access Node-Webkit API, but i got no official response.

    However, if you really need faster, you should download this plugin


    It's old, but still working, there a problem you shouldn't use export node-webkit because it won't work, otherwise you should export HTML5 version and you could compile with node-webkit SDK following this tutorial


  • Thanks Joannesalfa,

    I'll give that a try.

    Crazy that they didn't add that function when they added the export option for node-webkit.

  • Your welcome.

    Node-Webkit exporter in C2 needs to be tweaked and customized, currently exporter... i wouldn't use it for my game in public release.

    So don't try to use "Browser" plugin and add action "Close" it will appear an error window tells you no respond and press "End task" button.

  • If you use the Browser > Close action, it should work.


    Just saw Joannesalfa's post about this - I have it on my game and it seems to work okay.

  • If you use the Browser > Close action, it should work.


    Just saw Joannesalfa's post about this - I have it on my game and it seems to work okay.

    In node-webkit? it keeps pop up error window and leave a button "Close Program"

  • Actually I just tested it again, and you are right. That seems a little silly...

  • I don't have any problems exiting my game. I have set a "quit" button and Browser>Close call for it. I use fullscreen so maybe that's why it's working for me...

  • As do I - but I know I've had it work before, it might just be inconsistent?

  • Just tested on my side and the application crashes outright with the message "game.exe has stopped working". Windows 8.

    This happens with or without fullscreen requests.

    Kind of a pity, really - the browser object seems to work pretty well with some functions (vibration and fullscreen) but not at all with others.

    Ashley, is there any chance we could get a node-webkit object with support for fullscreen and closing, now that it's part of the stable releases?

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  • I second this.

    Forgive my ignorance, but even thought the node-kit export is an *.exe, is the game still browser based?

  • close browser works great for me.

    Are you guys running Windows 8? Perhaps that's the culprit.


    It's running some sort of internal, webkit based browser. So, yes. It's still browser based.

  • Windows 7 here.

  • "Browser : Close" works for me too (on win7)

  • Browser close doesnt work.

    Win 7 -> Chrome.

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