Quit/Exit Game for node-webkit exe export

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  • My game is crashing when I call Browser > Close in fullscreen when running the .EXE.

  • My application also crashes on Windows 8 using this function however you can get around the unsightly crash by setting your executable to Windows 7 (or lower) compatibility mode.

    If your planning to distribute your 'desktop' program to Windows 8 clients you could always create a SHIM for the Windows application compatibility database to handle this too.

  • Well, node-webkit already has a builtin function to close the window so this shoudldn't be hard to add. 'Close Game' only makes sense in desktop so this would be an action in node-webkit plugin, not of 'System' like it was in Classic. Just made a little test adding close window to the plugin and it worked no prob. The only work is correctly diposing the game when closing window. Let's just wait for Ashley to properly do it.

  • Keyboard: On Esc pressed -> Browser: Cancel Fullscreen

                             -> Wait 1.0 seconds (optionally, for confidence)

                             -> Browser: Close

    No problem.

  • ShawnFTM

    Sweet! Thanks bro.

  • I made a thread about this here:


    There are 2 templates one with just a close button and a titlebar to move the window, and another deluxe version with themeable window elements and lots of buttons and GUI elements.

    I would love some feedback, or Icon requests.

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  • Wow, forum loops back to this thread, The link is here:


    copy and paste it into your browser.

  • GeometriX,

    We can run some dos commands now in a windows shell with node-webkit.

    On your clode program function maybe add a node webkit:run and:

    Taskkill /F /IM YourApplicationNameHere.exe

    I have a feeling Chrome has some sort of safety feature that might not allow this. I can not seem to pass anything to the command shell (cmd.exe). It may not let you access Taskkill.exe either.

    If it works, it might be an OK workaround, until we find something better.

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