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  • I need some clarification.

    I have several different objects moving on every tick.

    Does every tick still checks or calculates something if objects are destroyed?

    I mean does that event still uses cpu resources?

    Why i am asking this... iw noticed that if i leave my tablet and mine game active it drains power quickly and device is really hot...

    so it must be calculating something i guess?


  • Depends on your "every tick" event.

    I always recommend to find a better solution than "every tick".

  • hm... what do you propose?

    Game is scroller so everything that gets created needs to scroll acordingly so i'w put all objects under every tick.

    what else can i do?


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  • Are you sure you are destroying objects when they leave the layout?

    Sometimes it's possible to further optimise "every tick" events, but sometimes it's not. Depends on the aproach you took.

    Try running the game in debug mode (f6) and check the performance tab. You could put your events in groups and see which group is creating the most load. So you could put your "every tick" events under a group, and see how much of the performance is affected by them.

    Hope it helps.

  • thanx, ill look into it.

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