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  • Hello again. I have 2 queries. One of them is really simple, but I am unable to figure it out... the other one is simple too I guess.

    #1: I have set the Layout size to 1280x1024 and have placed Objects. I can see a square inside the layout that shows what will be shown on screen. How can I increase the size of that? I want to increase it to display complete 1280x1024 when I press Play.

    #2: I have four types missiles, four types planes and four types of bullets. If any missile hits any plane, both the missile and the plane gets destroyed. Currently, I have made different events for these.


    Missile01 -> On Collision with Plane01 -> Missile01 Destroy, Plane01 destroy.

    Missile01 -> On Collision with Plane02 -> Missile01 Destroy, Plane02 destroy.

    and so on...

    Is there a way that I can use: if 'any missile' hits 'any planes' both missiles and planes get destroyed? All the missiles and planes are unique objects and not different instances of the same object.

    I am using same long process even for bullets, but with a variation:

    Bullet01-> On Collision with Missile01 -> Bullet01 Destroy, Missile01 destroy.

    Bullet01-> On Collision with Missile02 ->Bullet01 Destroy, Missile02 DOES NOT destroy.

    and so on...

    Is there a shorter way where I can use: If bullet01 collides with missile01, both gets destoryed, else if it hits other missiles, only the bullet gets destroyed, but missiles continue on their path?


  • #1 In the Projects window, click on your project folder then in the Properties window under Project Settings, change Window Size

    #2 Use Families - scirra.com/manual/142/families - create one for Missiles and one for Planes then make events like you did before, but use the families instead of individual objects

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  • Thanks! Got it! :)

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