How do I put my game(s) on my Wix site? [Solved]

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  • This might seem a little silly since this is immediately being marked as solved, but in an effort to answer this question for future users with the same issue, I wanted to do a quick bit of documenting my solution to a problem that has been asked at least a few times before here based on search results of this forum.

    Firstly, you should know that if you want to host your Construct built games on your website, you really shouldn't use Wix as your website design kit. I found this out the hard way, but unfortunately Wix does not give you access to your sites folder structure. You have to upload files through the built-in uploader, and the uploader will not accept javascript files. But, if like me, you made the mistake of jumping on a deal because you needed a website fast for some reason, and you didn't learn this until after the fact, then you aren't out of luck, you just have to go about it differently.

    This guide got me 90% of the way to embedding my games into my site. To put it simply, you are creating a account and uploading a zipped folder with your HTML5 Exported game in it. Then, you copy the address it gives you for this, and place that into Wix's iFrame tool. This is all covered better in the linked guide, however this will only work for you if you had planned to embed a single game. You can upload more deployables using Netlify, but only if you do so on your own domain, and we cant link our Wix domain (or at least I could not find a way to do so).

    The way around this is very simple, but not covered in the above documentation. If you wish to embed more games into your site, simply place them all into a folder, then zip that folder and upload it the same as documented above to netlify. You can then append the subfolder name to the end of the URL in your iFrame and it should work flawlessly. An example would be

    Again, this might seem obvious, but it might also help some people with the same problem in the future.

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  • I think this idea could work for all website builders (unless they don't have a built-in HTML5), but embed is a very easy job you can do.

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