How do I put my game online on facebook

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  • well, i have done a lot of work today to set up my first application following some tutorials, especially this one:


    i have set the facebook developper page.

    upgraded my website to https.

    i bought the plugins and started to learn how they are working together.

    after many tests, in local, i can :

    • connect to the appID
    • fetch user infos (some are still answering none with filled info, and others send message error but can work...)
    • fetch score but cannot set it
    • cannot fetch friends list
    • play the game

    after modifying some paramerters from 'localhost' to '' where my game is stored,

    and trying to play it,

    • on my website, the game is starting normally but doesn't connect to facebook (it may ask for authorization in a popup window, wich doesn't change anything)
    • on facebook, the game is simply absent, but the size of it is here, ready to be displayed...

    i certainly miss important point.

    here is the facebook pageof the application:


    any help is welcome

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  • I'm guessing you probably have a setting in your developer app that is incorrect. That's usually the culprit for what you seem to have going on. Under settings, make sure app domains point to your website domain name ( Also make sure that your Secure Canvas URL is properly set under Facebook canvas platform. Feel free to look me up at Hope that helps.

  • thanks for your anwser lance.

    i think the problem comes from the secure canvas page, wich looks not yet activated


    but under App Domains, seems to be secured..

    it lose me completly, i certainly just have to wait my server to be ready..

    i'll have to wait

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