How do I publish to the Wii U? (Got approval email)

    Hi everyone,

    So I just thought I'd reach out to here regarding Wii U publishing. I understand they have an HTML5 framework, but I don't understand what that means for C2 development. Does it mean they have a "CocoonJS" type of portal/wrapping service that handles all of this?

    I got the initial approval email, but it's not a full blown how too email, so I realize this might be premature, but I think its a good thread to get going because I was surprised how few threads came up searching for Wii U and there are zero entries in the manual or tutorial section on how to do this. I would be happy to change this once I understand the process myself.

    I have a ton of questions about the Wii U publishing:

    • can you test with a standard Wii U or is there a dev kit version of the Wii U that is needed? Heck do you "need" a Wii U at all (not saying that's a good idea, but I don't own one yet)
    • how do you test a game "exe" on a Wii U? I use dropbox with the Ouya, but that's because it's an android device. I'm not sure how (maybe USB?) it's done on a Wii U
    • is there a C2 plugin somewhere or other addition because I see no Wii U export option. Things like IAP and other important features come to mind that other C2 platforms have / require in order to successfully publish and monitize a game.
    • can / can't you do with Wii U regarding the hardware? Like the controller touch screen, vs TV.
    • How selective are they regarding the quality / scope / uniqueness of a given game. I'm trying to gauge how casual games can be to be accepted.
    • more.. but these are some of the biggest ones that come to mind



    Hey, great to have someone else! Most of this stuff is under your NDA as part of the program (technical information is as well as procedures, I believe). But your e-mail should have directed you to Nintendo's developer site. There is a handy forum there where all of this can be discussed without fear. We have some informative stuff on there that will help you get started. Unfortunately, though, we can't really discuss much/anything on Scirra's forum.

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    ah ok that makes a ton of sense. I haven't done any NDA stuff yet so I didn't realize how that works. Glad to hear and yea man I saw your game. C-7 That's really amazing stuff you got going with the visuals for a C2 game. I'll wait for next steps with my communications with Steve to find out more. Thanks!

    Please refer to the Nintendo forum you get access to once approved - posting questions here will only tempt people to break their NDA. Closing.

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