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  • I am testing high-scores with the Facebook function, and I have requested the publish score permission, but I still can't submit the score successfully.(always return a zero)

    Can someone please help me to figure out what I do wrong here? Thank you!

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  • I think I'm not the only one who need a tutorial for facebook high-score board ...

    somebody please kindly share a detail tutorial or sample file?

  • Have you checked the tutorial How to make a facebook application that Tom updated weeks ago ?

    The part about scores lies in the last pages (4 and 5).

  • Yes. I've read the tutorial and tried for several days,

    but I still can't submit the score successfully.... :(

    so I really need more detail tutorial or simple sample...

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  • Perhaps you could provide your .capx?

  • i'm having the same trouble. I made this test for practice.

    I'm having trouble accessing back the score from facebook. Don't know if it's publishing correctly too.

    I did Tom's Facebook Tutorial.. Followed Ashley's hint here too for the score's display.

    What's wrong here?

  • Yes, I too am constantly getting a score of '0' for every user who tests my game...everything else is working, I just can't figure out why it always results in a zero for the Facebook score

  • Last night, my scores suddenly started working properly. Before, they were all showing up as zero's, but now they load properly.

    I'm guessing facebook's API was down for maintenance or something while we were testing our games. Do they work for you guys now too?

  • pedro.thiers: you use 'set text' instead of 'append text' so you'll only ever see one hi-score. The second time 'on hi-score' triggers, for example, the text object contains the first score but Set Text changes it to the second score.

    Facebook's API is notoriously buggy. If it doesn't work for a day, then starts working, it probably is Facebook fiddling with it - I had that kind of issue even when developing the plugin, which was frustrating.

  • I have the same problem. And I notice that it happens only with some browsers. I used the same PC to log in to FB in my app, and with chrome, no score was showing up. when I used IE9 scores showed up instantly. I tested that few times and result is always the same... I am 99% sure that this is a bug (I think it could be in C2 as other FB games I play work fine). Please let me/us know if I'm right and if there is a chance to fix this.



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