How do I publish to Google Play in July 2019?

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  • I started using Construct 2 when Intel XDK was a viable build service. Then, when that was shut down, I started to use, until that also went by the wayside. I'm not really good at this particular portion of game development, so when I tried to use the Phonegap web service, I noticed there are some missing plugin integration steps that are vital to my game's functionality.

    I have no idea what to do now, and my players in the Google Play store are complaining about crashes that I can't track down, and I don't want to keep putting builds out that have the same issues because I'm using the same incomplete web services (Phonegap)... But I also don't know much about software engineering, so can anybody come through in the clutch for me with some amazing knowledge so I can just focus on DESIGNING A GAME?!


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  • Try this :

    Although it's much easier to do in Construct 3 and it looks like you have a Construct 3 license so why are you not using that?

  • I'll take a look at the link, but I started building my game in 2015 and didn't get the construct 3 license until I had already published my game to Google Play, heavily using TaffyDB, LiteTween, and some other plugins that didn't migrate over. I have been, I guess, essentially afraid to do the migration this whole tim because of that extra layer of complexity.

  • Ok, that makes sense. Importing to C3 is good but a C2 game that was heavy on the plugins is probably more trouble than it's worth. Try that link, it might help you.

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