How do I properly use preload for iOS builds?

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  • Hi there,

    I've run into this before in the past, but i'm looking at it again and doing a bit of time consuming trial and error and wanted to get other peoples experiences.

    So I am trying to use preload but it seems to hang up.. basically like this:

    on start of layout:

    preload sound1

    preload sound2

    preload etc etc.. i have about 65 things i'm preloading

    it seems to hang up though when the next behavior is that

    preload complete:

    go to next layout

    perhaps its not needed, but when i setup some alternative ways (adding a button to go to the layout) that works fine.

    the reason i need this is the first real scene, with no preloading seems to have trouble with two audio clips firing off at the same time due to what i can only imagine is some kind of loading lag time..

    so yea i just thought I'd poll others who have used preloading for iOS apps and if there are any tricks or something that I'm missing



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  • Ok so I did some digging on this and I got it to work, but only when i removed the condition "preloads complete". it seems like this hangs up when in iOS. I'm using Ejecta, so I realize this is not the official path to publishing and maybe CocoonJS and XDA don't experience this issue.

    I still have all my sounds set to preload.. not sure if that even does anything or not, but it didn't cause any trouble, it was just the "preload complete" that was hanging things up. I may, if I have time see if I can remove the preloads altogether, however for now, just know that you might have trouble if you use the preload complete command in an app for iOS through EJecta (which rocks)



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