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  • How can I set my game so that I can add things like a screen saying "Level 2" and such without using too many layouts?

    I know about global variables and all that but I need to know what I have to set to get everything in motion. In short just tell me how to set it so my game can progress 1 level and I can take it from there.

    Please and thank you to all who respond.

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  • I've just made a suggestion in the Open Topic forum of an easy way for handling layout navigation and in there I posted a picture and brief description of how I currently handle the events.

    I don't know if it's going to be any help? But take a look just incase:

  • What I do, is just, at the start of every level, I set the timescale to zero, or just ignore the input for the player, and then put on the HUD layer the text "level 2", and perhaps a backing (stretched single colour for conserving download, or a whole image) which fades/cuts out after a time.

  • FredQ- Can I do that without making a bunch of layouts? Or was that just something you said would be easier?

    sqiddster- Is the HUD layer my main layer or something? As well what do you mean by a backing?

  • I was thinking more like that's a way of assigning the one event sheet to multiple levels(layouts), that's my way of doing it, so it keeps the project nice and neat.

    As far as creating loads of levels and minimising the amount of layouts you have in a project, I don't think this is possible. Unless you get into putting different levels on one layout but on separate layers which I wouldn't recommend.

  • I assume it will make my game laggy or something or a larger file?

  • Well I have it all set up <img src="" border="0" /> I believe that is correct (not including the rest just using 1 for now to test) what do I do from here? After I beat the aliens it just goes to a screen where it is a blank layer.

    EDIT- Well apparently that is too much stuff, it said that I have a limit of 100 events and like 4 layers or something. This is one of those times when it sucks to be part of the proletariat.

  • Sheep: read again the topic FredQ posted earlier, a simple answer has been given in it.

    TLDR: use the system action "Go to layout (by name)"

  • I did but in the same layout that has all my aliens and stuff I have the "GAME OVER" text and such so I didn't know if that would effect it.

    So the TL;DR is simply I just have to level go to layout 1 again and it acts as a new level of sorts?

  • Layers stand in layouts.

    The method given so far allows you to go from a given layout to another one.

    The idea there is to set up the object in your different layouts as levels.

    Considering levels that all use the same mechanics (coded in an event sheet that is set as the event sheet for all level layouts) you can manage things with a global variable like explained in this post.

    When you use the "go to layout" action to go to the current layout, it acts as a "restart" of sorts (global variables don't get reseted, but the positions/instance variables/objects do).


    That is all I was able to come up with, it just leaves the screen blank and the saucer keeps going. All this is confusing me. @

  • Considering levels that all use the same mechanics (coded in an event sheet that is set as the event sheet for all level layouts)

    Your "Layout 1" is set to work with "Event sheet 1", your "Level 2" is set to work with "Event sheet 4".

    You don't need to duplicate the sheets, just set all layouts to the SAME event sheet.

    Also the name of your level is "Level 2", you forgot the space in the action.

    Also you don't need to test for the level number as it is increased automaticly.

    Fixed capx (without sounds, yeah for slow connexions)

  • <img src="" border="0" /> I keep getting this even in the file you fixed after I beat the aliens.

  • Any tips on what to do about that problem?

    EDIT- All it seems to do is restart the game which is good but the score goes back to 0 as well. Also "GAME OVER" and such stay on the screen the whole time.

  • Hello Sheep

    I fixed your .capx. The reason it was doing that was because you had your alien, player, base, and enemy bullet set to destroy instead of invisible. I also had to set them to visible on start of layout so they would show when the game is restarted. I had to do a few more things to your game to get it to all work correctly but it took me so long to fix I forgot what I all did. Just compare your .capx form Kyatric to mine to see what I all changed.

    O'ya If you loos the game it will display all that stuff I fixed but if you kill all the enemies it will just automatically reset your score, and start from the beginning again. I didn't know if that is what you wanted or not so I left that part up to you. You could make it so that it keeps your last score, and gets harder every time you kill all the enemies, or you could just have it display the game over stuff after the first time.

    Anyway here is your .capx:


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