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  • Wink- Thank you for fixing the error about the stuff appearing but when the aliens respawn they don't shoot anymore. How would I go about making the score stay the same and getting harder to play? Also if it's not difficult how would I go about adding another row of different aliens? I designed 2 more but am not sure how to add them, I only want them when it gets a little harder or from the start but all aliens moving slower.

  • Sheep did you start your game from your Title tab in C2? Because the aliens shoot for me after they re-spawn.

    I honestly don't know if I can get the score to stay the same after you clear a level, or make the aliens move faster each level, or add another row each level. Your style of game building is so different than mine. Honestly I don't understand how your game works. It took me hours of trial, and error just to get this far with it. I really don't think I could do all of that without completely rebuilding it from scratch. I would have used more than one layer.

    But if no one else is willing to help you I will have another look at your game latter this weekend when I have more time.

  • This game has been edited by probably like 7 different people already.

    I previewed it from the event sheet 1 I believe but that shouldn't effect whether or not the aliens shoot bullets again I don't think.

    I have attempted to make the game as simple as I could but it's so difficult. XD

  • For some reason that I haven't figured out yet if you preview your game from different parts of your game it does different things. Just try previewing it from the Title tab once that seems to work for me.

  • I made a comment but it didn't work...

    Anyway yeah I am planning to remake this from scratch but there is still SOOO much I don't understand that my plans on having this finished by the end of this month have been squashed. I've been working on this game like a week or two now and can't figure some things out.

    My brother helped me design 2 more aliens that I want to add in so they come in after like 3 levels each and the first that comes in (1st row of one of the new aliens) takes 2 shots to kill and the second (second row of the other alien) takes 3. Plus we make a cool boss I want to make shoot 2 bullets a time, move left and right kind of quick. Go left and right more than once before moving down a row and take like 8 shots to kill.

  • Sheep have you tried Ashley's Beginner's guide to Construct 2 yet?

    I cant begin to describe how beneficial this tutorial is to everyone new to C2. If I wouldn't have tried it when I was new to Construct 2 I probably would have become discouraged, and eventually gave up. I can tell your an artist so the whole programming concept is probably seeming a little overwhelming to you right now. That's the beauty of C2 it's all visual event based programming it really doesn't get any easier. If you haven't tried that tutorial you should really give it a try. You don't even have to use his sprites you could make your own art work to use instead. And from what Iv seen it is very good. Then you could just follow the tutorial change a few things as needed, and make it your own original game. Then with all your new skills finish your space invaders game. You don't have to listen to me though it's just an idea.


    ^I made that app the first like 3 days after getting this using her tutorial and made the ghost shooter and stuff too.

    The space invader game just seems to have no tutorials on here so it's very difficult to me. I can easily make the platform games as far as Ashley taught in the tutorial though.

  • That's a cool game Sheep. <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    Ya, trying to recreate a games mechanics when theirs no tutorial can be a bit of a challenge. I remember a couple months ago when I was trying to make a pong game. The only tutorial I found was for CC, and that was 2 player so it really didn't help. But after weeks of trying and searching these forums I found all the answers I was searching for hidden here and there, and sometimes in threads that had nothing to do with the game. lol

    I think your really close to finishing your game but some stuff in your game I really don't understand how it all works. I will take another look at it this weekend. Maybe if you just added a few layers and moved some stuff around it would be a little more easier to finish.

  • Well here are some of the different .capx files used throughout all this.

    If you can figure out what's wrong, you don't have to fix it (though it would be nice) but if you could at least tell me how to get things working or give me hints that would be a HUGE help. I will feel so accomplished when I finally finish this game.

  • I have realized an error, it only restarts once, when it does there is a white line on the right side of the screen, the aliens stop shooting after the first respawn. What do I do about this?

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  • Hi Sheep

    I looked at your game again this weekend but I still haven't figured out a fix for it. Maybe you could go back to were your game was working with just one level, and try Kyatric's post about duplicating a layer then try to add your current score to it, and make it speed up so it is harder. O'ya and also add your new sprites to that level.

  • This one slipped my mind, sorry.

    Well your "Level 2" wasn't a right duplicate of the "Layout 1" layout. You were missing having the same layers in "Level 2", adding a "GAMEOVER" layer and putting the objects on it worked.

    Make sure that all the layouts are made in the same way for the events to work accordingly. If you apply an action to a non existing layer, nothing will happen hence "bugs".

    You can redownload the previous capx it works now.


    This is my file that works and is on facebook. It plays 1 level and that is it.

  • I've been working on this on and off and can't figure this out. @ I need some sort of programming or design experience.

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