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  • So I made a Game with a font called "Virtual DJ", when I exported this project and I played it in another computer , the font changed to "Times New Roman" (I think) so the game was worst.

    Then I changed the font to "Tw Cen MT" because i thought that was a problem of the Virtual DJ font, but when I tried the game on my smartphone, it was "Times New Roman" again.

    How can I make work the font on others computers or Iphones? Is it cause these fonts don't support other devices? Wich one does support?

    Thank you,

    and sorry about my english.

  • The problem is, the true-type font's displayed on a users computer depend on which fonts are installed. When designing anything for the web, this needs to be taken into consideration. Take a look at this post at W3Schools to see a list of "Web safe" fonts:

    To make sure your fonts are not changing when played on different computers, you will need to either:

    1- Choose a true-type font that is 100% compatible and installed by default on all systems your game runs on.

    2- Switch to a bitmap font. Since bitmap fonts are stored with the game and loaded at run-time, they are always guaranteed to display properly on all systems.

  • Thanks a lot FragFather,

    Can you tell me what is a bitmap font please?

  • They're actually called "Sprite Fonts"

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  • oh allright, thank you!

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