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  • Hi guys,

    For a game design class my group is making an endless runner game, and it is all going well, the only problem we are having is that we want to have a menu where you can go in and change options in the game. So if you select double jump or two times coins it will be the only option that you will have. So is there a way to make it so that if I select something in one lay out it changes it in another?

    Thank you!

  • Should be relatively easy..

    You could for example use global variables, a dictionary object or an array (set to global)..

    All you'd have to do in the other layout is check this in a condition and add actions accordingly..

  • If you could give me an example that would be great.

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  • I'm not really sure what kind of example..

    on one layout set global variable

    on other layout add a condition checking the global variable

    so something like

    normally variable coinmultiplier = 1

    on the menu layout:

    on button pressed

    set variable to 2

    on the game layout

    on collision with coin

    add coinmultiplier*10 to coins

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