How do I make power ups?

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  • How do I make a power up so that when my character collides with a gun it adds the gun and changes the animation and then switch back to another animation?

  • You can have different frames for your gun sprite. how does your character look like? did you stick the gun to the player by a separate sprite? if you did so, you can simply change the animation frame. for example frame 0 is your normal gun. frame 1 is a shotgun and then set the animation frame to 1 if the player is on colliosion with the powerup sprite.

  • philx

    That would work, but if I were to make a side scrolling shooting game (for any of those who may be doing so) I would set the X and Y position of the gun to the player and add a variable to the gun the would be something like "PickedUp" 0 for no and 1 for yes. Then, add a condition stating that if PickedUp is 0 coming in contact with it will pin it to the player and rotate towards the mouse and another condition that if PickedUp is 1 it will not do that and instead fill the Ammo of the player and destroy itself.

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  • also depending on if you want pickups, you can use the basics of the powerup section of my wall jumping tutorial for the actual sprite pickup piece on page 8. Tutorial link is in my signature...

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