How do I power-up pool cue?

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  • I'm trying to power-up a pool cue and aim it with the touch gesture for a phone game. This procedure works fine on my Windows 8.0 with a Cintiq Touch Screen, you touch the screen and swipe toward where you want the ball to go and off it goes when you lift, but it does not work on my Samsung Galaxy Note.

    1 [Mouse] Left button is down/ Power/ Set with to power.with+Power

    2 [Mouse] Right button is down/ Cue/ Set position to (Mouse.X, Mouse.y)

    /Cue/ Set Visable

    /Power/ Set to 1

    The above events work fine on a desktop computer it's the below event that only works on my Windows Cintiqu Touch screen, I'm trying to get it to work on my phone.

    3 [Touch] On any touch end/ Power/ Set with to power.with+Power

    Any advice Thanks Jer

  • How about checking the distance between the mouse and the pool que, and determine power from that ?

    mousebutton is down

    power = distance(que.X,que,Y,mouse.X,mouse.Y)

    You could ofc run the outcome of the distance calc through some formula so it fits your need.

    For aiming, I would use

    mouse is down

    que set angle to angle(mouse.X,mouse.Y,que.X,que.Y)

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  • thanks lennaert I'll try that. It will take me a while but I'll get back to you. Jer

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