It is possible to communicate with serial port in C2?

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  • It is possible to communicate with serial port in C2? If possible for desktop and for the other platforms...

    Is there a Plug In?? I need for a project of mine....

    I thank you in advance.....Best regards,

    Lestroso <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_redface.gif" alt=":oops:" title="Embarrassed">

  • Maybe via a Chrome extension API or node-webkit extension, but this is not something web browsers can typically do.

  • Ok thanks...thanks a lot... if somebody can help me please let me now,,,,,thank you a lot again...Lestroso

  • I would probably investigate a Serial-to-USB adaptor for your device. You are far more likely to find a way of interfacing with it as a USB device rather than a Serial device.

    Its also likely you may need some sort of Serial->USB software/driver installed on your PC to facilitate this.

    Not sure if that is of any help at all, but its certainly what I would start looking into if it was me.

    I had an old GunCon gun from a Playstation that I connected to my Arcade Machine using a serial adaptor and a ropey bit of software that gave me rudimentary support for the lightgun for my gun games... but it was really unstable. In the end I ditched it all, but im pretty sure a much more expensive USB lightgun would have worked perfectly.

  • Dear revvin,

    Thank a lot...But i need in my opinion a usb to serial 232....for pc...this is not a problem because i have already it ...and for the driver is there the classic pl2303....but can you post me please if you can a capx to see your experiment with your lightgun to see how works??Work also in desktop?(webnodekit?) i will thank you a lot....

    best regards,

    Lestroso <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_redface.gif" alt=":oops:" title="Embarrassed">

  • The software I had was not in c2. It was windows based drivers that allowed the system to access the gun as though it was USB. I was just suggesting something you may need to investigate. Without knowing what you are trying to connect to I don't think anyone could help much more?

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  • dear revvin,

    I thank you in anyway......

    I want to communicate from construct2 to a cubloc220, a plc programmable in basic of and it have 2 serials....

    I need to pilot from construct2 to this plc...if possible under webnode kit...(desktop)....


    best regards,


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