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  • Ok, so I have my first mature game ready and am working on deploying it. I do not want to charge to play my games...I just want people to play from my websites, arcades, Chrome Web Store and their platform if they wish to install.

    However i am running into various issues i cannot find answers to. First, keep in mind, when I export as HTML5 WebApp and upload to MY site arcade everything works 100%.

    For example that is here

    Now for the How Do I's?

    1) Chrome Web Store

      - No Google Analytics coming through at all.
      - adSense does not work. Blank screen on app, cannot continue.
      -Does Google block all external URl requests from inside a packaged app? If I add anything it gives black screen and will not continue. This includes a internal (local) packaged HTML file for latest changes!

    2) Node webkit (NW.js) (Win/Linux/iOS)

      -Cannot login/interact with facebook.
      -No Analytics. (of course, its not running on a website)

    I Know Node Webkit is basically bare bones Chrome Browser. So if everything works in HTML5 export, it should work in NW.js export, plus i get all the extras that come with NW like file system access.

    So, to get around adSense I use RevenueHits and BidVertizer BidVertizer works best. They are both easy, just add th HTML5_Pode_Div and set the innerHTML to the code given by them.

    Question: So why doesn't Facebook work on NW.js exported app?

    Question: How to load the DIV with content on Chrome Web Store - and have app actually work?

    Thanks in advance!

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