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  • hi i just complete my first game by using construct 2 called ( The jumper ) i test it in the intel XDX emulator and it work , but the sounds not work as in chrome browser. and also admob ads not showing ( i try some tutorials to how use admob ads in construct games) i submit it to amazon appstore and they accept it, also i test it with amazon app tester without problems

    but the problem is when i want test it to bluestacks emulator. ( because my phone was broken) it not work it show me just a picture and it gone. so i don't know if the game work in android phone as i want or not.

    this is the name of the game if someone want test it in his phone and tell me how it look. and thanks in advance : The Jumper ( in amazon appstore)

  • I was wondering, how did you get permission to use a sprite of son goku in a commercial app?

    I'm guessing you didn't create the sprite yourself, how much did it cost to have it made?

  • i get it from photobucket gallery . also i can create it by myself ( i just don't have time now). and that is not the problem . the problem is what i said in my old post about if the game work fine in a phone device or not

  • So you got the sprite without permission, and use the name and likeness of son goku without permission?

    Ever heard of this thing called copyright?

    It was created to make sure people who make beautiful things, don't have to starve to death, because people use them without paying..

    But you're right that isn't your problem..

    Your problem would be breaking the law if your program actually works in a phone device..

  • i don't break any laws. you heard about google setting? " label for reuse or modification, or just label for reuse? i know what i'm doing littlestain.

    and also im here for help not to be in trouble with anyone because you speak as you own the sprite. if you will not help me just don't reply here. if i break the laws amazon system will reject the app

  • I'm sorry, I wasn't aware international trademark laws didn't apply if Google says so..

    Carry on!

  • i still need help anyone please can help me? that will be great

  • Admob issue, in Construct select the AdmobAds object in the properties set Test Mode to False.

    Also make sure you have the banner ID set correctly inside Construct .

    The sound issue, inside Intel XDK goto Your Project settings and open up the Plugins menu and make sure Media is checked and make sure Admob* plugin is checked.

    Sound and ads should work.

  • thank you victoryX for your reply, yeah i follow many tutorials here to how make ads work correct, yeah i set test mode to false and i use interstitial ads i set the ID correctly and i follow this thread : How do I implement AdMob ads and follow all things that make ads work :

    sound work perfect in chrome browser but in intel XDX it not work as i want. yeah i add admob plugin in intel XDX and build the project by using android crosswalk. and in construct i export the project as cordova. anyway this is a picture to how implement ads :

    also i dont know if i make audio event correct or not ( they work as i want in browser) . so if you can help me and make an example to how control a 6 sounds in many layers. ( menu, first stage, second stage , third stage, game over sound, congratulation sound) that would be nice.

    and thank you very much again

  • I haven't been able to get sound to work in XDK Emulation, but once I export it and upload to Google Play or where ever it works fine on the device itself.

  • i figure out how to make sound work correct by changing some events, but the last problem is how to make interstitial ads work correct, what i should implement in the events , and which method i use to export from construct 2, then what i should do to make sound and ads work 100% in android devices , i would like to have capx example about admob ads, also another question is : in project properties , what is the best physics engine i must use ? i have 2 engines : box2d web and box2d asm .js ?

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  • i just finish to redesign my game but i still confused about how to make ads work correctly in my app, exactly what event i must add in construct 2 to make the plugin work and ads visible. and also still confused about the best physics engine i must use : box2d or box2d asm.js please help me

  • i still need help about how making ads work 100% , a capx example would be nice and thank you in advance

  • bump and this is my game i would like if someone test it and see if ads work or not :

  • i finally test it in mobile device. sounds and ads work fine . but the game lag very much. and the performance are terrible

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