please can someone help me

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  • Because an AdMob application includes a third-party Cordova plugin, it will only run on a real device. You must use the Build tab to create an APK (for Android) or IPA (for iOS) to test your AdMob application. If you attempt to run this app using the Emulate, Test or Debug tabs the AdMob APIs will fail. Apps that utilize Cordova plugins can only be built using the Cordova build targets. Attempting to use the "legacy" build targets will not work.

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  • Neller - Can you tell me what you are referring to when you say "use the Build tab"? i posted a question asking how I test my game as a real app and not just wi-fi and nobody has answered. What software do I use to build an APK or IPA file? Thank you.

  • CDogs1964 thats from the intelXDX program, you can use that to build the files after exporting from construct using the cordova option.

    I had a quick look at your thread just now and not sure if something like this might help you -

  • Thanks Neller for responding. I think you may have read a different post about ads. I want to test my game on my iPhone as an app...not just over wi-fi. How do I do this? intelXDK? Do I need to setup in AppStore just to test? Thanks again.

  • CDogs1964 I think so yes, I believe you are trying to do something very similar to myself, I'm also trying to get my games into 'app' versions and not just the wifi ones, so far I have got as far as using the IntelXDK and it does export for the 3 different versions, here is a screen shot

    So basically after you export your game from CS2 using the Cordova option, you then import it into the IntelXDK as a new project, set the required settings in there and then click 'Build' which then makes the required files for your 'app'

    I'm not sure if you need to setup in app store or not, I have not got that far with iOS yet, hopefully this is something close to what you ment and I'm not just waffling on <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_razz.gif" alt=":P" title="Razz"> , this side is pretty new to me

  • as i said i test my game in mobile device ( not emulator ) and the performance are very bad , the game is unplayable. sounds and ads work great. i follow all posts about how to increase the performance of a construct game. but no success

  • Thanks....I will try that out!

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