How do I Make my player show up on the opposite side at once

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  • Hey guys,

    I don't really know how to describe this thing I have in mind, I tried looking for something on YT or in our forum but haven't found any topic that's close enough to show about how to make my player show up on the opposite side at once like the one on the image below, say example when Mario enters a pipe half of his body will show up at the other pipe. Would be nice if anyone out there can show me a capx sample.

    Thank you in advance

  • Have a temporary duplicate of the sprite and move each one up and down accordingly

  • Hey LI0NHART thanks for the reply, it seems to me you're suggestion is that I have a duplicate sprite, I guess what will happen is that for sure there will be two players on the screen, but what I want to happen is that when my player say overlaps an object it will show up on another object much like a wrap behavior, I've tested the wrap behavior but nothing happened, am I doing something wrong here? It would be nice if you can provide a capx example. thanks again.

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  • At work during reply i cant provide a capx.

    The duplicate sprite movement would be disabled and move out the pipe via another method(perhaps bullet object) then lets say your main (controllable player) sprite goes down a pipe(disabling its contol when fully inside the pipe) then you would have the second sprite move out from the other pipe and enable the controlls when its fully out of it giving illusion of the wrap.

    I think wrap work for edges of the screen only (exiting the screen on the left side will make the sprite appear on the right side).

    Hope that makes thing clearer

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