How do I play a jump animation?

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  • I'm making a platform game but the jump animation isn't playing when the player jumps and the fall animation isn't playing on the way down either.

    Maybe I'm just tired and cranky but this is driving me nuts.

    If someone could take a look at it for me I would be extremely grateful.

    I've attatched my .capx.

  • Your .Capx didn't post because your rep isn't high enough. Did you try attaching the actual .capx?

  • I didn't know about the plain text URL limit. I've attached the .capx to the original comment.

  • Platform speed=0 set "Idle"

    Platform speed≠0 set"Walk"

    Platform jumping set "Jump"

    Platform falling set "Fall"

    try this....

  • I've just implemented that suggestion korbaach but the jumping animation is still freezing on the first frame and not playing through and the falling animation isn't running at all.

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  • OK, sorry to double post but I've been playing around with the conditions some more. The problem is with the animation itself and I don't know why. Even if I set the event condition to "PlayerHitBox is not on the floor" the jump animation still gets stuck on the first frame and does not progress.

    Can anybody help me figure out where I went wrong here?

    The jump animation plays fine in the platform tutorial I created a week or so ago.

  • I changed a few things and according to the debug I added everything seems to be working as you want.


  • Thank you! I can see what the problem here was. Thank you so much.

    Also, thank you for the kind encouragement with the renamed .capx

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