Pinned particle disappears when new/same object created

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  • Hello,

    I have an object 'tank' that is a bullet.

    I use the pintoimagepoint plugin to pin a particle effect to the tank (smoke) when the object is created.

    However, every 5 seconds, when a tank is created, the particle disappears. Basically it seems to hop from one tank to the next spawned one.

    How can I make all the tanks remain their pinned particle until I tell it to be destroyed?

    I'm using the pintoimagepoint plugin because I use 'choose' command to spawn tanks vertically and found it easy to use.



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  • Add the particle object as a container object of the tank...

    Select the tank object

    Properties: Container -> [Create]

    Choose the particle object

    this will create a particle object for each tank object.

    (but do not destroy the particle object, because the tank then will be destroyed also)

  • Thanks so much!

    That worked perfectly.

    Regards R

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