How do I pick up, hold, and set down

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  • Hi all,

    Working on a puzzle game. I can move my character just fine. I can even have him destroy things that he runs into. What i want to do is have him pick up a "rock", hold it above his head, and then set it down in a different spot.

    I've tried using "Pins" , but i cant seem to get them to hold an item above my characters head. I've tried playing with image points, and "set position." I can get the character to move the rock... but can't get it to stay above his head while he runs around a little bit. any help would be great.

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  • Try creating an image point above the players' head in the animation editor for the player, then position the rock to Player.ImagePointX(1), Player.ImagePointY(1) every tick. Also, while being carried if the rock has any behaviours that move the rock it'd be good to disable them and re-enable them when the rock is dropped.

  • Thanks will try

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