How do I use my phone as a gamepad ?

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  • hellos guys

    im pretty new to construct2 and i want to make a game that i could use my smart phone as a controller /game pad meaning i wont be able to see the game on my phone , instead i only see buttons to control the game

    Peace !

  • Add the "Touch Object" to the Game. Create a top layer and set it's parallax to 0,0. Place buttons on the Layer. The you can use "On Object Touched" to control your movement behaviors by assigning different directions and/or actions to the buttons.

  • TheDom, yes, but I think his question would/is probably more along the lines of: how do you connect to another device to be able to use said phone screen controls to send commands to the other device?

    Honestly, khadembashy, I think there has to be other software that could achieve your idea. Construct 2 is suited specifically more for games.

    However, if you are leaning more toward using a phone device to connect with, say, a browser of yours to control the game loaded in said browser, that would be possible using the WebRTC Multiplayer plugin, and I'm already getting ideas for it.

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  • If that's the case, the only solutions I'm aware of would be what I suggested in combination with screen mirroring(android) and Airplay(IOS) but, I don't think that's quite what he wants either. Thanks DatapawWolf, I miss read it.

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