How do I pause all sounds at once?

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  • I am honestly somewhat baffled that we are not experiencing the same things at all. Let's try this, I should be able to post URLs now.

    On my PC, in Firefox and Chrome, two sounds play from that simultaneously. A symphony-type track, and a muttering track. The symphony is in the "sounds" folder, and the muttering is in the "music" folder.

    Press the button or click enter, and the muttering stops, but the symphony continues.

    In Opera, the muttering only seems to load, and pausing has no effect on it. Once or twice the symphony has started, replacing the muttering, but it also does not respond to the pause button.

    In Droid browser (Jellybean) the symphony starts first, but "music" doesn't start in mobile browsers until the first tap/click, so the muttering does not load. On the first click within the frame, the muttering starts and is not pausable.

    I am referring to the behavior I observe in Firefox and Chrome. I do not have Safari, and IE does not work on my system.

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  • Send me the capx for that latest example. If you play the sound after you set the timescale to 0 then it will still play. So maybe that's where your problem lies. I did experience what you were referring to in that example.


    I recreated your capx. and added sound and music files and I got the same effect your experiencing. That's odd. I wonder if that's a bug.

    What you could do is, set your master volume to something like -100 on pause and back to 0(normal) on unpause. Is that something that would work for what you are trying to achieve?

  • I don't know if it's a bug or not? I do know that setting the time scale to a value other than 0 *does* work for audio in the Sounds folder. 0.5 and 2 work. As I mentioned above, setting the timescale to a ridiculously small number works. Just not zero.

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