How to make my own sprites

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  • i finished my game but the sprites i made look so bad.I need anyone to tell me a program or a way to make good sprites

  • There are Illustrator, Photoshop, inskape, etc...

    You can find lots of programs

  • Making good sprites is not necessarily tied to what program you use. It's your graphics design skills that do most of the work so keep on practicing! The program can provide you with tools to complement your own skillset but you still need a good foundation to take full advantage of those tools. Alternatively you can search for free assets or purchase assets from various asset stores.

    The program I personally use when I draw sprites is paint.NET, it's very simple to use so I recommend it if you're new to drawing sprites. minimal amounts of potentially confusing features and a very easy interface that is fast to learn, very reminiscent of WinPaint.

  • thx to u two guys but i dont have graphic design skills at all,I need a simple program.I will try paint.NET as eliasfrost told me.If there is any other program or other way to make my own sprites easily please tell me.

  • What kind of game is it for? You might find this helpful.

  • I use Gimp

  • burvey the sprites are a funny looking square with eyes and mouth,and the other sprite is a square with evil eyes and mouth

    sadsack is gimp easy?

  • Burvey this StuffGEN looks awesome!i will try it too

  • i tried StuffGEN but its not good,any other ideas guys?can anyone make those sprites for me?they are just two?

  • I can do it, just tell me how they are supposed to look and I'll see what I can do. I can also animate a bit if you want to.

  • I believe this is the latest version if you want to try it again. It's still in beta though. ... index.html

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  • If you are about to invest some serious time into learning an application, may I suggest Blender 3D?

    You can make animated sprites really fast.

    By learning different rendering and material combos you can do everything from Pixelated retro graphics, to photo realistic graphics. Look into "Toon" rendering, Photoreal rendering, and retro rendering.Another great medium that is nearly impossible to freehand draw is Isometric tiles. Blender makes it really easy!

    It also imports from other applications so you can use things like Make human to make you characters :

    (caution, it makes naked people, just like god does.)

    Another nice application is Zbrush but it is quite costly.

    Another route in to use Synfig. This is how Anime and all the other japan cartoons are made.

    Blender is a lot faster to learn than synfyg. Blender makes it really easy to get the shading you want.

    For nifty backgrounds try Vue De Espirit. It generates trees and all kinds of other goodies for you. Can also make neat fly around animations for your cut-scenes or whatever.

    Have fun <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_biggrin.gif" alt=":D" title="Very Happy">

  • Thx so much elitasfrost,I want a square with a happy or dumb face and another square with evil face.they can be any color,because I will re color them again and please send them to this because I want to use them for my game.i don't need them to be animated,just reply here if u accept making those sprites.thx again and again

  • Burney I will try stuffgen again,jojoe I will try all of those and thx for listing them for me,and thx for warning me about the naked bodies

  • No problem, what dimensions should they be, as in; what size?

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